ACCENTRO uses KIWI Smart Entry and the KIWI Portal. Find out more about ACCENTRO’s experiences with KIWI.

Smart key solution for our sales consultants

Keyless entry to meetings, keeping hands free for important documents – the KIWI door entry system not only makes life easier for our sales consultants, but also tradesmen. We save ourselves many unnecessary journeys. With KIWI, time-consuming key handovers are a thing of the past. Nowadays, we simply manage access rights remotely online via the KIWI Portal.

Hands-free access for our employees

We have started to equip some of our properties with the KIWI door entry system. To make it as easy as possible for our employees to gain entry, each of them has a transponder, a KIWI Ki. The hands-free version is especially popular – they simply have to approach the door with the transponder in their pocket and the door strike automatically unlocks the door, which means it only has to be pushed open.


There is no longer anything standing in the way of our employees, because they don’t have to rummage around for the key. What’s more, since one KIWI Ki works for several properties, the employees only need to carry one transponder instead of numerous heavy keys. The system is nonetheless secure!

Remote assignment of access rights

At ACCENTRO we also work with external companies that are not given their own KIWI Ki. KIWI also has a solution for them! They are given access to the desired property via the KIWI App and can also work without needing a key. We can keep track of all access rights via the KIWI Portal and can also grant new rights and revoke them again at any time.


Without KIWI, people would have to make their way across the city before a meeting at the property to pick up the key from us. These key handovers not only cost time, but also money, particularly for our partners. With the KIWI Portal we now save both and make everybody’s life easier. We also minimize the security risk associated with handing over keys, because a KIWI Ki can be blocked in real time via the KIWI Portal.


ACCENTRO GmbH is a real estate service company specializing in the privatization of large residential portfolios. It focuses on the socially responsible, tenant-sensitive selling of large housing portfolios, the exit-oriented asset management of housing portfolios, and investment consultancy in both of these areas. The company was formed in Stuttart by Jacopo Mingazzini in 1999.

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