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degewo uses KIWI Smart Entry and the KIWI Portal. Find out more about degewo’s experiences with KIWI.

degewo has managed to achieve a combination of innovation, security, and convenience for its tenants with KIWI

degewo, Berlin’s biggest housing cooperative, has been using KIWI since summer 2014. Following gradual installation, more than ten percent of all front entrance doors from its total portfolio of more than 75,000 residential units now have KIWI fitted. After one and a half years, the company now takes stock:


The real estate industry is experiencing interesting times; there is talk of upheaval and new beginnings. Investment in home building and new technology is keeping the industry busy. degewo is also permanently on the lookout for innovations and ideas and is constantly endeavoring to make work processes more efficient and create new services for our tenants. At the same time, we never lose sight of the subject of security.


In KIWI we have found a system that successfully addresses all of these aspects. That’s because KIWI also embraces the current megatrends of “digitalization” and “demographic change” and fits in with our strategy of constant and innovative development.

KIWI from the perspective of digitalization

KIWI digitalizes the conventional, physical metal key – and with it the work associated with key management. We installed KIWI in the first buildings in summer 2014 and it proved so successful with our tenants that we have been gradually extending it across the southern customer service center’s entire property portfolio. The work associated with key management has dropped significantly ever since.


We use the KIWI Portal to help us keep track of who has access to different properties. If a janitor doesn’t happen to have their KIWI Ki with them, an employee at the customer service center can simply open the relevant front entrance door remotely – a convenience that our colleagues would no longer want to do without.


Another advantage of KIWI that our janitors in particular appreciate is the fact that they only have to carry one single KIWI Ki around with them to gain entry to a number of different properties. This means that they generally carry it in their trouser pocket or attach it to their work clothing, where the KIWI Ki then remains for the entire day. The inconvenient process of putting down work equipment to open doors is now a thing of the past.

KIWI from the perspective of demographic change

People are living ever longer and also want to remain in their familiar home for longer. This is a wish that we as landlords take seriously and try to accommodate to the greatest possible extent. That is why we are working on being able to provide a growing number of homes with as few barriers as possible. With KIWI, we can accomplish one aspect that involves no structural changes.


Older people in particular appreciate the security provided by the fact that the front entrance door is “always open to them” but nobody else. Many also report that it is difficult to open the door when using a walking aid. Trembling hands or impaired vision also unnecessarily complicate this process. All of our residents can easily access their property with KIWI. And it’s not just our older tenants who benefit from KIWI. We meet satisfied tenants of all ages.

About degewo

With more than 75,000 homes, degewo is one of the biggest housing cooperatives in Germany and the biggest in Berlin. The state-owned company has been active in Berlin for 92 years and is committed to providing affordable living space and quality homes.

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