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St. Oberholz uses the KIWI Smart Entry, the KIWI Smart Lock and the KIWI Portal.
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Cult co-working space St. Oberholz opens its doors with KIWI

St. Oberholz in Berlin sees itself as the birthplace of many different start-up ideas. In two locations in Berlin, St. Oberholz combines café, co-working, apartments, and space for conferences to produce an inspiring place for creative minds, authors, and company founders. The music platform SoundCloud, for instance, began its life in the historical Aschinger building on Rosenthaler Platz.


Our members not only get tea and coffee included, but also 24/7 access to the co-working area – each with their own key. Between 80 and 100 members visit the co-working spaces every day. The task of issuing, returning, and monitoring conventional keys was a real nightmare. If a member lost or mislaid a key, we faced the challenge of changing all of the locks.

“The KIWI Portal gives us smart management of access rights.”

We have been using the keyless locking system from KIWI since 2015. KIWI has allowed us to significantly optimize our key management. We use KIWI Smart Entry (link) on a total of three doors and KIWI Smart Lock (link) on a connecting door. Each of our members is given a KIWI Transponder, which they can use to open the KIWI-equipped doors anytime and let their creative spirit run wild, irrespective of opening times.

“In order to be able to offer co-working in plug-and-play mode, we need smart management of access rights for both co-working spaces at St. Oberholz, like that provided by the KIWI Portal,” says Tobias Kremkau, co-working manager at St. Oberholz.


We manage access rights with the aid of the KIWI Portal. The platform allows us to add new users quickly and easily and also revoke usage rights. The quick service suits our customers and we save ourselves a great deal of work with key management thanks to the KIWI Portal.

Innovative concept characterized by openness

“The system from KIWI fits perfectly into our own innovative concept and makes a positive impression on our community, far removed from outdated technology and characterized by openness,” says Tobias Kremkau.

About St. Oberholz

St. Oberholz on Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin is probably the best-known café on the German start-up scene. Co-working was virtually (but only virtually) invented here with SoundCloud, Berlin’s only unicorn start-up. Zalando met on the first floor with their initial investors and start-ups like Deliveroo and HelloFresh conquered the capital from here. There are now two cafés named St. Oberholz, each with its own co-working space, and the future is still shaped here over a good cup of coffee.