Tag Wohnen uses KIWI Smart Entry. Find out more about TAG Wohnen’s experiences with KIWI.

TAG Wohnen creates added value for tenants and employees with KIWI

“Our aim is to constantly improve the quality of living conditions for our tenants. We are always adapting our portfolio to meet modern living standards in order to turn the properties into comfortable homes.”


This is our guiding principle and we pursue it continuously and consistently. We became aware of the KIWI keyless door entry system at the end of 2014. We were immediately convinced by the smart technology for conveniently opening doors. Since April 2015 we have gradually been installing KIWI in our entire Berlin-based property portfolio and are now taking stock after using it for almost a year.

KIWI provides tangible added value for the residents

The benefits that KIWI offers our residents are obvious. Firstly, there is of course the extra convenience: The front entrance doors of all our properties in Berlin provide keyless and contactless entry. But it also shouldn’t be forgotten that a lost KIWI Ki – the transponder that unlocks the door – can be blocked online in real time.


Thanks to KIWI there is no longer a risk of a lost transponder leading to the replacement of the entire locking system. Families with children in particular appreciate this peace of mind. These are just two of the benefits that KIWI offers our residents. We recommend that all of our residents use KIWI, which is why we also support KIWI when approaching our tenants.

KIWI makes it easier for us to manage our portfolio

The work involved in having the right key at the right time and the right property for our employees and service providers has been significantly reduced since the introduction of KIWI – especially since we manage properties scattered over a wide area in Berlin. All of our employees use KIWI and benefit from it. Keys no longer have to be handed out, exchanged, or given back.


One employee at our head office simply grants or revokes access rights online via the KIWI Portal, depending on who is working in a particular property at a certain time. As such, it is no longer necessary to exchange keys, even when someone has to step in at short notice due to illness.


There is generally no longer any need to be at a certain property at a certain time to let in the heating engineer, for example, which saves a huge amount of time. Another benefit for us is the fact that KIWI has given us real control over the keys to our properties for the first time. We always know who has access rights to our doors, whether tenants, our own employees, or service providers.

About TAG Wohnen

TAG Wohnen is the residential brand of TAG Immobilien AG. It manages around 80,000 properties as well as the corresponding commercial spaces, garages, and car parking spaces, mostly in the metropolitan areas of Berlin and Hamburg, but also in the regions around Salzgitter, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia, Meckenburg-West Pomerania, and Saxony.

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