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WGBG uses KIWI Smart Entry and the KIWI Portal. Find out more about WGBG’s experiences with KIWI.

“We have been using KIWI for one and a half years in our new build for all tenants.” Birgit Danschke (board member)

The work of WGBG Wirtschafts-Genossenschaft Berliner Grundbesitzer eG is guided by the principle “Experience, Knowledge, Visions” – allowing us to foster progress and mobility in the real estate industry. WGBG primarily focuses on the future, distinguishing it as a modern service provider. With this motto in mind, we have perfectly incorporated KIWI in our processes.

“We want to support our tenants in their everyday lives.”

The people who use KIWI every day are our tenants. The focus is always on their needs when we make decisions as a cooperative and management company. We have been using KIWI in our properties for more than a year. During this period, the positive impression of this door entry solution has been confirmed time and again.


“I think it’s wonderful that our tenants don’t have to search for their key when they’re standing outside the front entrance door with their hands full,” says WGBG board member Birgit Danschke. Instead, they simply need to have the KIWI Ki in their pocket. Thanks to KIWI, the days of rummaging around for keys are over. The tenants benefit from the added flexibility and convenience every day. “We want to move with the times and support our tenants in their everyday lives,” says Danschke.

Property management and KIWI work hand in hand

It’s not just the tenants that benefit from KIWI. WGBG provides complete property management services. The emphasis here is on quality. Our services range from property management and technical support to assistance when developing properties. We avoid standing still and take a modern and contemporary approach to our work. In this regard, our work practices and the way in which KIWI functions perfectly complement one another.


KIWI fits seamlessly into the concept of comprehensive service. Tasks are simplified for the property managers. Key management has been optimized thanks to KIWI and work is so much easier. As property managers we can use the KIWI Portal to keep track of who has access rights to the properties. What’s more, we can easily grant and revoke these rights without having to hand over keys. One good example involves the jobs we assign to tradesmen, who can now gain access to the properties with no hassle or risk. This saves us having to make unnecessary journeys and thus also saves us money.

A modern approach to the future

WGBG already uses the KIWI solution for the front entrance door: KIWI Smart Entry. We have followed the development of an entry solution for the apartment door with particular interest. There is much rejoicing that this has been on the market since the end of 2016. It is conceivable that KIWI Smart Lock will immediately be installed in the apartment doors of all new tenants in future.

About WGBG

Whether providing reliable property management services, technical support, or assistance when developing properties, WGBG offers real estate owners in Berlin and Brandenburg a comprehensive service. As a cooperative, everything it does is geared toward the needs of its members, who are not just customers, but also have a say in the future direction of the company.

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