The Industry sectors

Various industry sectors with many different types of application can benefit from the smart KIWI access management.

Real estate industry

For building managers and owners …
Keys are not safe, can be copied, and are inefficient. For building managers and owners of properties, moreover, using keys involves a lot of work spent on key management. KIWI resolves these kinds of problems and moreover offers greater comfort and safety in the digitized world.


… and their staff, service providers, and tenants
Currently repair people, staff members, and service providers waste valuable time with key handovers so they can perform their actual job. With KIWI they get access rights online and in real time. They open doors effortlessly via a mobile app. Your tenants can also use KIWI and benefit from increased safety and greater comfort.


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For office and facility managers …
Who has the office key? With KIWI you no longer have to ask yourself this question. Typically, as many keys for an office are in circulation as there are staff members. Service providers, such as cleaning staff, also need access to the building. Therefore keeping track of things and always reacting promptly when there are changes is not always easy.


… and staff members, services providers, and guests
KIWI allows you to grant and revoke access rights in real time from your PC. External service providers are given temporary access privileges. The KIWI Transponder or simply the smartphone with the KIWI App serve as access medium.


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Coworking Spaces

For community manager…
Keyless coworking spaces are already the standard in today’s modern work environment. Time-consuming manual key handovers prevent the flexible use of your space and increase the community manager’s administrative workload. The KIWI Portal ensures transparency of all access privileges and members at all times.


… and their members and service providers 
With KIWI, members who book your space automatically receive access rights for the pertinent shared spaces and office premises. They can simply use their smartphone app to open them. You can grant service providers temporary access privileges or open the doors directly for them via the portal, even remotely.


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Prices and contract types

KIWI offers various contract types for different industry sectors and residents. Please contact us for a quote that is specifically tailored to your needs.

In ten years, nobody will still be opening doors with a key.
But you don’t have to wait that long.