KIWI for coworking spaces

With KIWI you give your members 24/7 access via mobile app. Boost the efficiency of your space by issuing access rights online.

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KIWI—the key solution for coworking spaces

Coworkers want to be flexible and have access to their workstation at all times. Rather than handing over keys, community managers issue access rights online to their members. Thanks to the flexible temporary assignment of permissions, coworkers use their smartphone 24/7 to open doors. Fixed-desk employees can open their doors with KIWI, but what is more, flex-desk users can also book access to their space right away in real time. Offices and meeting rooms within the space can be opened with the KIWI Smart Locks.

The KIWI products

The KIWI Smart Entry

The keyless access solution for all electric doors with buzzer.


Suitable for interior, non-electric doors and available in the versions KIWI Knob or Handle.

The KIWI Portal

Central management of all access rights and doors at any time and from any place in real time.

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Your members book the desired space and automatically get the necessary access rights to all respective doors. Bothersome key documentation and handovers are eliminated for community managers.


Das Schlüsselmanagement ist trotz hoher Nutzerfluktuation gleichbleibend transparent. Community Manager wissen immer, wer wann zu welchen Türen Zutritt hat und behalten die Schlüsselhoheit.


Sinnvoll für Coworking Spaces – unabhängig von deren Größe. Auch bei wenigen Türen und vielen Mitgliedern rentiert sich KIWI bereits. Dank digitaler Zutrittsvergabe sparen Sie Zeit und Geld.


KIWI ist problemlos in bereits vorhandene Verwaltungssysteme und Tools integrierbar. Über die KIWI API-Schnittstelle können Sie das Access-Management direkt in Ihrer vorhandenen Anwendung managen.

Advantages for your space

Many different kinds of people need access to the coworking space. With KIWI they all get individual, flexible access rights. Employees as well as the members open the doors to their space at specific times or around the clock. Delivery services, cleaning staff, and guests no longer have to ring the bell.

The KIWI Portal

With our digital key management you reduce administration time. Thanks to the open KIWI API interface, opening doors is as convenient as can be for community managers, members, and guests. In addition, the KIWI functions are integrated in existing tools and apps. No double administrative work and no additional effort while maximum security is ensured.


You can also integrate KIWI directly in your existing software via our API interface.

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KIWI safety

The KIWI Portal allows you to manage the access rights to your properties. The privileges can be limited to a specific period of time or established permanently, and be revoked at any time. The KIWI Portal includes a list of users which shows you who has access to which doors.


Via the KIWI Gateway the KIWI doors are permanently linked to the KIWI servers through the cellular phone network. This ensures that the information about current access rights is always available.

KIWI increases the safety of the building significantly. Loss of a key constitutes no risk, as a lost KIWI Transponder can simply be deactivated online. You establish hierarchical levels in the KIWI Portal and can block staff members and service providers in real time. TÜV-certified sensors and patented encryption technology make the KIWI infrastructure extra safe.

Case study: Kiez Büro

“Since September 2017 we have been using the keyless access system from KIWI. A total of two entrance doors to the co-working spaces were equipped. Every day about 50 users use KIWI to gain access to the desktops. The KIWI Smart Lock opens the doors to different user groups: Whether employees, customers or service providers – all get keyless access! Most of us use the KIWI app on their smartphone. So our users do not need to think about a key anymore – after all, everyone has their cell phone in their pockets nowadays. But also the KIWI transponder is used.


In particular, our employees appreciate the ease of use. Since we use KIWI, the cost of key management has been reduced drastically. “The KIWI portal is very well-structured and easy to handle. Online users are created, access is granted and that’s it! Great! ” Says managing director Björn Budack.



The access system for the front door called KIWI Smart Entry is installed without any constructional changes in doors with buzzer. The KIWI Smart Locks can be installed in all non-electric doors. KIWI handles the technical infrastructure itself via its own WiFi network.


You can even install the solution for all interior doors yourself. Installing the KIWI Smart Lock takes just 15 minutes! Via the open KIWI API interface you can moreover safely integrate KIWI in the management tools of our choice. The complete switch to KIWI takes just a few days, depending on your needs.


KIWI has developed a flexible fee structure, offering you options that are tailored to your specific needs. This includes purchase of the system including the hardware and free use of the portal. The monthly fee depends on the number of users, so the system is adjustable. KIWI moreover offers financing and leasing options.


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