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No worries about keys and more time for the important things in your everyday work. With KIWI you create a modern work environment and give staff members and service providers flexible access.

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KIWI—the key solution for office buildings

Keyless offices are already a standard in the modern working world. It is safe to say that with the electronic locking system from KIWI things become even simpler: KIWI allows you to offer your employees more comfort and flexibility. At the same time you make your office more secure. If your company grows, we grow along with you. Safely, efficiently, and innovatively.

The KIWI products

The KIWI Smart Entry

The keyless access solution for all electric doors. Can be installed in doors with buzzer.<br />

The KIWI Smart Lock

Suitable for interior, non-electric doors and available in the versions KIWI Knob or Handle.<br />

The KIWI Portal

Central management of all access rights and doors at any time and from any place in real time.

With its extensive product portfolio KIWI has a fitting solution for any kind of application.
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No risk when a key is lost. KIWI Transponders can simply be blocked online. You establish hierarchical levels and can block staff members and service providers in real time. KIWI offers TÜV-certified sensor technology.


Your employees and guests will be happy about the extra comfort. You can manage all doors and access rights of your commercial unit via the KIWI Portal in real time, even remotely.


Are you doing remodeling work and must adjust the access system? KIWI can be flexibly expanded and retrofitted. You manage all doors via the KIWI Portal. Its navigation is intuitive.


Tiresome key handover documentation and key handovers are eliminated. It is no longer necessary to replace the locking system. You always know who has which access rights and can change them in real time. This saves you time and money.

Advantages of digital key management

Digital key management is the door opener for modern office management. The safety risks and the administrative costs that come with conventional metal keys can be eliminated with the keyless system.

Key Management 3.0:

The KIWI Portal

As central administration platform, the KIWI Portal enables not only the access management of residents and staff members. Rather, it assists in and facilitates the communication with service providers and shortens the distances they have to cover to perform their job. Granting access rights to repair people, disposal contractors, or cleaning staff in real time rather than wasting time handing over keys.


You can also integrate KIWI directly into your existing software via our API interface.

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KIWI safety

The KIWI Portal allows you to manage the access rights to your properties. Rights can be limited to a specific period of time or established permanently, and be revoked anytime you wish. The KIWI Portal includes a list of users which shows you who has access to which doors. The anonymity of your residents is preserved.


Via the KIWI Gateway the KIWI doors are permanently linked to the KIWI servers through the cellular phone network. This ensures that the information about current access rights is always available.

KIWI increases the safety of the building significantly. Loss of a key constitutes no risk, as a lost KIWI Transponder can simply be deactivated online. You establish hierarchical levels in the KIWI Portal and can block staff members and service providers in real time. TÜV-certified sensors and patented encryption technology make the KIWI infrastructure extra safe.

Case study: Reachhero

Germany’s leading platform for influencer marketing, Reachhero, works entirely digitally. With KIWI it has also been able to bring its key management up to speed. A modern working environment all around with KIWI ensures worry-free access management.


In modern everyday life it is crucial that you are able to act quickly and flexibly. Granting all employees independent access to their workplace is the basis for working productively. Every day about 20 staff members at Reachhero use KIWI. The KIWI Portal facilitates key management and ensures greater efficiency. The office has become considerably more secure. The question about the lost office key no longer causes upset stomachs.



Replacing the existing master key system is not necessary, as KIWI works on the basis of a supplementary principle. Existing buildings can therefore be retrofitted without any problem. Since both systems can be used simultaneously, no one has to do entirely without keys. KIWI has its own network.


The KIWI digital access solution is installed by us. Requirements vary and depend on the product and building. Maintenance of the system is included in the KIWI service contracts. Detailed information is available here. For further information, please contact us directly.


KIWI has developed a flexible fee structure, offering you options that are tailored to your specific needs. This includes purchase of the system including the hardware and free use of the portal. The monthly fee depends on the number of users, so the system grows along with you. KIWI offers financing and leasing options.


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