Our backers

We are involved in various funding programs to ensure the continuing development of KIWI products.

KIWI – funded by the EU

In addition to front entrance and basement doors, KIWI can also provide keyless and contactless entry to apartment doors. To develop the necessary technology, KIWI received more than one million euros from the Pro FIT program run by the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


For the project entitled “A secure solution for contactless opening of apartment doors (in addition to the successful KIWI solution for front entrance doors)” and with the assistance of the funding consultancy förderbar, KIWI has received funding since August 2015, comprising a loan of 910,000 euros and a subsidy of 170,555 euros.


KIWI’s developers conducted tests to establish which smart lock system works with the KIWI system and identify potential partners. Prototypes were then developed, built, and tested in the next phase. User experiences were extensively gauged and analyzed beforehand in order to optimally adapt the KIWI apartment door solution to the needs of the users. The result, the KIWI Smart Lock, was launched onto the market in November 2016.

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