Key Management 3.0

More efficient, convenient, and secure – this is how key management will look in future


KIWI – key management without a key

You used to keep key books, then Excel lists were created, and now professionals use expensive software for key management. This has made the work much easier as time has gone by. One problem has remained, however: Many of the keys that are handed out are never handed back. As a result, the property owner loses control of their keys. KIWI solves this problem.

Instead of being given a key, janitors and external service providers are just given a transponder. You can now grant or revoke access rights to the individual transponders anytime and anywhere. Alternatively, the doors can also be opened by the KIWI App on a smartphone. This is how key management will look in future – intelligent, keyless, and with no need for expensive software.

More efficient

The process of handing out and returning keys takes up a lot of time – for the manager and those who need the key. This task is no longer necessary with KIWI. Access rights are granted with the click of a mouse on the KIWI Portal and can be revoked again just as easily.

More convenient

Janitors used to set off every morning with a big bunch of keys. With KIWI they just need one transponder with access rights to every property they manage. As soon as they approach the door to a property, it unlocks by itself and can then simply be pushed open.

More secure

Every time a key is handed out, the risk increases of one getting lost, giving unauthorized persons access to your property. With KIWI you have complete control over access rights at all times. If a transponder is lost, it can be immediately blocked. You retain control of your keys.

Key Management 3.0:
The benefits of the KIWI Portal

Simply open it in your Internet browser; no software necessary

All user and access rights at a glance

No time-consuming key handovers and protocols

Open doors remotely with the click of a mouse

No more unknown key copies in circulation

Our customers also get access to the KIWI Portal free of charge

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Case study: Why Immobilien Jugan works with KIWI

Greater convenience for employees

The owner-managed real estate group has been using smart key management from KIWI for quite some time. The KIWI Portal facilitates optimal key management from the comfort of the office. Tradesmen and janitors gain access to the property with the KIWI App, via which they are granted access rights by the property manager. This prevents the risk of losing keys and having to replace lock cylinders.

More efficient and secure key management

Tradesmen working on behalf of Immobilien Jugan  can get access rights for a certain property with the KIWI App on their smartphone. Inconvenient key handovers, which cost both time and money, are thus a thing of the past at Immobilien Jugan.

TÜV affirms that KIWI meets the highest security standards

Security is everything when it comes to key management. TÜV Süd has tested the KIWI door entry system and reached the conclusion that the product meets current consumer standards governing security and quality. KIWI also scores highly with TÜV in terms of features, performance, user-friendliness, and ergonomics. Our production operation is regularly monitored.

Key management: KIWI and classic software compared


Classic software

No software installation necessary

No software costs

No network license

No key handover necessary

No handover protocol

Management of all door keys possible

Remote door opening

Innovative technology meets modern design

KIWI is innovative and gives your rental property the modern touch it needs to set it apart from other companies in the real estate industry.

Benefit from:

High rentability

Appreciation in value

Added efficiency and convenience

Satisfied users

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