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KIWI – the key solution for your office

Keyless offices and co-working spaces are already standard when it comes to modern approaches to working. Security is even simpler with the electronic locking system from KIWI, because with KIWI you can offer your employees greater convenience and flexibility while also improving security. KIWI is flexible to use and can easily be expanded. If your company grows, we grow with you.


Time-consuming key handovers and protocols are no longer necessary. Locking systems no longer have to be changed. You always know who has access rights to certain doors and can change these in real time. You save both time and money.


If you are converting or extending your premises and need to modify the door entry system, KIWI is flexible and can be expanded, modified, and removed. You manage every door via the intuitive KIWI Portal.

More convenient

Your employees and customers will enjoy the improved convenience. Your doors and access rights are easily managed via the KIWI Portal.

More secure

There is no risk if a key is lost. You can easily block transponders online. You set hierarchy levels and can block employees in real time. KIWI provides TÜV-certified sensor technology.

Key management:
the advantages of the KIWI Portal

Simply open it in your Internet browser; no software necessary

All user and access rights at a glance

No time-consuming key handovers and protocols

Open doors remotely with the click of a mouse

No more unknown key copies in circulation

Case study: St. Oberholz

We have been using the keyless locking system from KIWI since 2015. KIWI has allowed us to significantly optimize our key management. We use KIWI Smart Entry on a total of three doors and KIWI Smart Lock on a connecting door. Each of our members is given a KIWI Transponder, which they can use to open the KIWI-equipped doors anytime and let their creative spirit run wild, irrespective of opening times.
“In order to be able to offer co-working in plug-and-play mode, we need smart management of access rights for both co-working spaces at St. Oberholz, like that provided by the KIWI Portal,” says Tobias Kremkau, co-working manager at St. Oberholz.


We manage access rights with the aid of the KIWI Portal. The platform allows us to add new users quickly and easily and also revoke usage rights. The quick service suits our customers and we save ourselves a great deal of work with key management thanks to the KIWI Portal.


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If you would like to find out more about our prices and contract types, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us or take a look at our website under prices and contract typesKIWI products, or KIWI FAQs.

If you have any other questions, get in touch with us by e-mailing  [email protected] or calling 030 6098383-33.

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