The KIWI products

Smart, innovative, efficient – those are the features of an intelligent locking system. Enter the world of KIWI products and find out more:

KIWI Portal

From the comfort of a desk…
With the KIWI Portal you can centrally manage all of your doors fitted with KIWI technology. No additional programs are needed. The portal is accessed directly via your Internet browser. As such, improvements and new features are immediately available to all users.


…for portfolio managers, accommodation managers, and property managers
DThe KIWI Portal has all the functions you need to retain complete control over your keys. You can keep track of your doors and all entry rights. You can set up new access rights or revoke them and also manage your users.


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On all doors…
KIWI doors can be conveniently opened using a smartphone with the KIWI iOS and Android app – at home and when you are out and about. Anyone who has access to more than one electronic door lock can swipe left or right and select the right door to open.


…for your employees, service providers, and residents
You can open certain doors to your properties for tradesmen and other service providers using the KIWI Portal. You no longer have to hand over keys with this kind of door entry control. Your residents can also use the app to open the front entrance door and the apartment door.


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KIWI Transponder

On all doors…
The KIWI transponder revolutionizes the conventional key. It sends an encrypted signal that is received by the KIWI component in the door. KIWI detects if there is an authorization and gives the command to open. The transponder can be deactivated in case of loss in real time. Alternatively, every door can also be opened with the KIWI app.


…for your employees, service providers, and residents
One KIWI Transponder can open several doors, which means that your janitors only need to carry one KIWI Transponder around with them instead of a huge bunch of keys. Service providers who require access to your properties in the course of their work – when collecting garbage, for example – can also use a KIWI Transponder. As such, you no longer have to hand over keys. You can assign access rights to the KIWI Transponder online via the KIWI Portal.


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KIWI Smart Entry

On front entrance doors…
KIWI Smart Entry is installed behind the bell system of the front entrance door and works alongside the conventional key. When you approach the front entrance door, the door automatically unlocks and only has to be pushed open. The KIWI Transponder remains in the pocket and your hands remain free. Alternatively, you can open the front entrance door using the KIWI App.


…for property managers, service providers, and residents
You can significantly simplify your access control with KIWI Smart Entry. You can let mail workers and garbage collectors into the property with the click of a mouse, without having to hand over keys. Your employees only need one KIWI Transponder for one property instead of numerous keys. If it is lost, it can be blocked in real time. Your residents can also use KIWI and enjoy the secure convenience.


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KIWI Smart Lock

On apartment and basement doors…
The electronic door locks from KIWI can lock internal doors to basements, boiler rooms, mail rooms, or living spaces. You can unlock the KIWI Smart Lock using the KIWI App with your smartphone or the KIWI Klick transponder. This has a button that is pressed to unlock the door.


…for property managers, realtors, and tradesmen
The KIWI Smart Lock gives you greater flexibility and simplifies your internal processes. The rooms in your properties must be locked at all times, yet also be accessible by various users. With key management from KIWI, you can grant access rights to these doors online and revoke them again as soon as the work has been completed.


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For new building and complete renovation …
The Smart Door is the low-maintenance solution for new buildings and modernization projects. The smart technology “KIWI Inside”, which is pre-installed directly inside the apartment door, automatically integrates into the KIWI infrastructure. Its 3-point lock makes the Smart Door extra secure and increases the value of your object.


… for your employees and residents
The smart, premium-quality front door not only offers safety and comfort to your residents. Also by automatically connecting to the KIWI infrastructure you optimize your key management. Copied and lost keys will not worry you anymore. Instead, you manage the access rights in the KIWI Portal and spare key transfers.


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The KIWI Safe

On entrance doors …
The KIWI Safe is the digital addition to your existing mechanical locking system. In particular, objects with numerous doors, to which service providers must gain access, can be digitally converted without effort.


… for service providers and employees
You keep keys securely on the object without having to do key hand-overs. Service providers such as craftsmen get the access right via the KIWI App and digitally open the KIWI Safe to remove the keys. The process is automatically logged.


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In all apps…
If you have an app and the users of this app have to get through doors, then KIWI is the perfect addition to your solution. Conceivable examples include apps for communicating with tenants, managing the services of tradesmen, supervising parking garages, or organizing care staff.


…for developers
With the KIWI API you can use simple HTTPS access via the Internet to manage access rights for front entrance doors, apartment doors, and basement doors as well as remotely open doors. The KIWI API can be used for integration into existing systems and for application development.


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Prices and contract types

KIWI offers various contract types for the real estate industry, trades, and residents. Get in touch with us for a quote individually tailored to your needs.

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