Open doors from your app! Enhance your existing setup with the API interface from KIWI.


You can integrate KIWI into your own app

If you have an app and the users of this app have to get through doors, then KIWI is the perfect addition to your solution. Conceivable examples include apps for communicating with tenants, managing the services of tradesmen, supervising parking garages, or organizing care staff.

With the KIWI API you can use simple HTTPS access via the Internet to manage access rights for front entrance doors, apartment doors, and basement doors as well as remotely open doors. The KIWI API can be used for integration into existing systems and for application development.

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Added function as the new feature: digital door opening.

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Upgrade your existing systems and apps as part of your branding.

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Opens doors for tenants, employees, and service providers – including meter readers, tradesmen, and realtors.

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Work with the market leader in keyless door entry systems and gain an edge on your competitors.

The benefits for you

KIWI is the door opener for the functions and services of your app or platform.

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If you are a developer …

…and would like to find out more about the technical details, you can find the KIWI API documentation here.

KIWI API documentation



Mareon and KIWI open doors for technicians

KIWI and Aaeron have successfully combined two innovations for the housing industry. Since the end of 2017, KIWI functionality has been integrated into Aareon’s service portal for housing industry technicians, called Mareon. With this, the process of placing an order with a technician becomes more automated and digitalized.


If damage is reported, staff can forward the order via an ERP system to the respective technician, where they can receive all details directly. Thanks to KIWI, the key delivery step can be eliminated; the technician is granted immediate access to the door when accepting the order. Using the Mareon app, the technician can open the KIWI-equipped door using their smartphone. Once the order is completed, the door access is automatically revoked.


Together with Mareon and KIWI, two technologies have been combined to streamline the processes of housing and property management companies. Thanks to KIWI API integration, this can be achieved without additional data server infrastructure or the use of separate software applications. A demonstration can be seen in the video (presented in German).

Allthings – the digital service platform

The digital service platform from Allthings provides modular applications for property users that bring together digital functions and services for better living and working in buildings. Thanks to the modular design of the Allthings app, it can be loaded with precisely the digital services that are of particular interest to users and housing cooperatives – from local market places to the integration of data from ERP systems and the incorporation of other providers of solutions, such as KIWI.

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Satisfied users


Manfred Bausch
Head of product development at Allthings

“The integration of KIWI provides a typical example of how an open platform like Allthings is capable of incorporating a wide range of smart services, which means that we are continually able to offer our customers new services that are of value in many different ways.


KIWI is a particularly good example, because the property is enhanced by the digital solution while simultaneously improving the comfort of residents and service providers working within the building. This is precisely in keeping with our philosophy.”

KIWI can be integrated into many different systems!
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