The KIWI Transponder

More convenient than ever before! Whether using it hands-free or with a click, the KIWI Transponder opens every door for you – simply and securely.


The smart key from KIWI

Both front entrance doors and apartment doors can be opened with the KIWI Transponders. This means that the KIWI Smart Entry installed on front entrance doors is opened with the KIWI Ki. This works hands-free from a distance of up to three meters. As such, you do not have to take it out of your pocket to open the door. The KIWI Smart Lock works with the KIWI Klick. This transponder also has a hands-free option, but also features a button. The door is unlocked with one click of the button.


If it is lost, it can be blocked in real time.


A KIWI Transponder can be used for several doors fitted with KIWI.


For children or older people, it is easier to handle than a key.


KIWI Transponders are available in five different colors.

The benefits for you

The functions and features of the KIWI Transponder
improve your key management


The KIWI Transponder comes in five colors

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The functions of the KIWI Transponders

The KIWI Ki unlocks the front entrance door hands-free using the KIWI door sensor located behind the bell panel. Users carry the KIWI Ki around with them, e.g. in their trouser pocket or handbag. The door recognizes the authorized KIWI Ki from a distance of up to three meters and unlocks the door via the electronic strike. Now the door can simply be pushed open.

The KIWI Klick has all the functions of the KIWI Ki and also features a button for manually opening doors. The KIWI Smart Lock is thus unlocked by pressing the button. In its normal state the electronic door knob is disengaged. Even though it can be turned, the door cannot be opened. If it is activated by the KIWI Klick, it engages and the door can be opened by turning the knob.

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What you have to do to use the KIWI Transponders

The KIWI online door entry system can easily be installed in the doors in an apartment building and removed again without trace. If you are interested in KIWI, then get in touch with us.

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