About KIWI

We’re convinced:
the key to the future isn’t a key!

Digital access rights are slowly replacing keys. Access will become easier and more secure than ever before. Opening doors will become a seamless process – no need to think about it, no worries, no physical objects – with security, convenience and fun. That’s what we believe in and work on at KIWI every single day.

What’s important to us

Like many innovations, the idea for KIWI came from privately solving a problem. KIWI is now a product that makes day-to-day life easier for lots of people and offers companies real added value. And we’re proud of that.

Experience & satisfaction

When developing our products, user experience is very important to us. Ease of use and a high level of convenience are our focal points.

Security & protection

Security and data protection are the cornerstones to our products. The infrastructure was designed together with white hat hackers and is regularly tested and further developed.

Courage & passion

We make things shine. As a team, we are united by an innovative spirit and the joy we take in technology. We dare to question and change the status quo time and again.


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Allow the KIWI Executive Board to introduce themselves

Karsten Nölling

Chairperson of the Executive Board

Karsten Nölling has been Chairperson of the KIWI.KI GmbH Executive Board since September 2016. He worked as Head of Sales at KIWI and was a Member of the Executive Board from 2014 to 2016. In this role, he was also responsible for customer satisfaction as well as sales and therefore made a significant contribution towards expanding and building on important internal KIWI processes and structures in the company’s growth phase from the very beginning. Before his time at KIWI, Karsten developed a digital concierge service for hotels as the founder of the company, which was used by leading design hotels for guest communication. Before that, Karsten worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company in the Operations department, and as a Project Manager for Lean Manufacturing at Mercedes-Benz.

Alexander Pannhorst

Managing Director and COO

Alexander Pannhorst has been COO and Managing Director of KIWI since September 2020. In this position, he has lead the Operations, Finance and Legal teams. He also pushes forward overarching strategic issues and scalability for internal processes. Before joining KIWI, Alexander was Vice President at Deutsche Telekom Service GmbH where he was responsible for around 250 employees and was instrumental in driving forward process optimisation and digitalisation in the private customer segment. He previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group as Principal in the areas of telecommunications and IT. Alexander was Co-Founder and Managing Director of the online platform ‘MeinProf’, a ratings platform for university lecturers.

Allow the KIWI leadership team to introduce themselves

Zaher Marzuq


Before joining KIWI, Zaher worked at IBM as an R&D Group Manager. Among other things, he developed the ‘Trusteer Pinpoint’ solution to prevent cybercrime in the banking sector. To date, billions of bank transactions have been secured across the world because of this solution.

Alexander Koch

Head of Operations

Before joining KIWI, Alexander was Head of Business Development at the logistics start-up kirondo. Today, he heads the Operations team at KIWI, which involves scheduling fitters, customer service and project management.

Jonas Jürgens

Head of HR

Jonas initially worked in product management in the Berlin office of the comparison portal Verivox before helping the start-up Sales Cloud to set up the sales network. He put together a team of almost 30 employees there. At KIWI, he is responsible for all aspects of human resources.

Luise Handt

Teamlead Finance

Before joining KIWI, one of the places Luise worked was the IEG Investment Banking Group. She advised numerous companies from various industries on financing and M&A issues. At KIWI, she heads up the Finance department and is the Managing Director of Deutsche KIWI.KI GmbH, a joint venture between Deutsche Wohnen SE and KIWI.KI GmbH.

Tobias Flam

Head of Sales

Before joining KIWI, Tobias worked as Team Lead for Balloon Ventures, a business developer that supports the setup and growth of companies in Kenya. He then worked as an analyst for VC Paua Ventures, an early stage capital investor. He heads up the Sales team at KIWI.

Julia Rubin

Head of Marketing

Julia is responsible for marketing and communication at KIWI. As she previously worked at BSR subsidiary Berlin Recycling, she has been at home in the world of real estate for a long time. She knows the best events and the most exciting articles when it comes to proptech, smart homes and digitalisation and reports these via KIWI News.

Gregor Nobis

Head of Product

Gregor heads up product management at KIWI. Before that, he worked in a similar position at Avenso GmbH and Spreadshirt. As a founding member of Energiegenossenschaft Leipzig (the Leipzig Energy Cooperative), he held an honorary position there for two years.

About KIWI – from newcomer to market leader

KIWI has been on the market since 2014 and quickly established itself as the market leader for digital locking systems in the housing industry. KIWI has successfully left the critical start-up phase behind. Today over 100,000 residential units are connected to KIWI’s infrastructure.

KIWI was able to win over well-known partners from the very beginning – Allianz, Aareon, ALBA, Berlin Fire Brigade, Deutsche Post and Schindler are important collaborative partners of KIWI, who consider the KIWI system to be very secure and fit for the future.

Since 2017, Deutsche Wohnen has been an important strategic investor on KIWI’s side, which will gradually equip its entire portfolio of 160,000 residential units with the KIWI system.

Europe’s largest door manufacturer for high-rise buildings was added in 2018 with the second strategic investor, Arbonia AG. The Swiss company asked what a building door should look like within the context of digitalisation. In the end, anything to do with digital access was the answer. Before investing, Arbonia AG engaged with numerous locking system manufacturers and put them through their paces. They ultimately chose KIWI. Both investors are interested in KIWI’s long-term success.

We are proud that we have over 600 customers from the housing industry. These include:

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