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Wireless technology to replace your keyring

KIWI unlocks doors, safely, intelligently and conveniently. No searching, no buttons, no keys.

KIWI Männchen mit KIWI Ki in der Tasche


The Transponder can remain in your pocket or carried anywhere on your body.

Hauseingangstüren von Mehrfamilienhäusern sind mit dem schlüssellosen Türzugangssystem KIWI ausgestattet

KIWI Door Sensor

Authorised KIWI technicians install the KIWI Door Sensor into the existing doorbell system. The existing buzzer unlocks the door automatically and securely.

In der Hand ein Smartphone zum Öffnen der Hauseingangstür mit der webbasierten KIWI App


Or if you want even more flexibility – open your door conveniently with the personalised KIWI App.

System security and privacy

KIWI was developed under the premise that we can at no time identify who opened a particular door and when. We never create user profiles since your private sphere takes top priority with us. At the same time, no-one wants uninvited guests in their homes, so we normally pay particular attention to keeping the front door key safe. When it comes to security and privacy, KIWI is a state-of-the-art product.

Our technology – verified by experts

We regularly publish the security and privacy-relevant components according to the open source principle. During the development phase, these components were repeatedly tested and rated as excellent by globally renowned encryption experts as well as well-known white-hat hackers. KIWI’s safety standards are much higher than those of comparable technologies. Communication between the KIWI Ki and the KIWI Door Sensor is based on encrypted random numbers. This process, which has been registered for patent, makes it impossible to copy or identify a KIWI Ki by just “listening”.

KIWI Ki sendet verschlüsselte Zufallszahlen

The system architecture of the KIWI App complies with the international security standards for online banking.

We develop and produce the hardware for KIWI in Berlin, Germany.