Review Hans Schütt Immobilien

Hans Schütt Immobilien uses KIWI Smart Entry, the KIWI Smart Lock, and the KIWI applications. Find out more about Hans Schütt’s experiences with KIWI.

Hans Schütt Immobilien is part of the PropTech movement with KIWI

The Kiel-based company Hans Schütt Immobilien manages properties in Kiel, Munich, and Berlin. We especially focus on progress in everything we do. A great deal of importance is attached to the professional development of our employees and the training of new real estate specialists. This also means keeping up to date with the latest technology. It is equally important to us to develop our own processes that make the everyday lives of our customers easier. By using KIWI, we are part of the PropTech movement.

Professional and private

I, Klaus Schütt, CEO of the company founded in 1936, not only use KIWI in a professional capacity. I came across the KIWI door entry system in Berlin and also use it privately. With KIWI Smart Entry I can conveniently enter my property without having to think about the key. Instead, I simply use the KIWI Ki or KIWI App on my smartphone. As such, I am able to provide a first-hand account of my KIWI experience and I am delighted with it.

The bunch of keys is a relic of the past

I also like to show my customers that an unwieldy bunch of keys is a thing of the past. The huge set in the trunk of my car is used solely for demonstration purposes. Thanks to KIWI, this relic is fortunately no longer used.

We save time and hassle

We use KIWI instead in our everyday working lives. The property management processes are more straightforward. We can keep an eye on all of our properties with the practical overview in the KIWI Portal. This saves our employees and service providers, such as tradesmen, from having to undertake time-consuming and thus expensive journeys to pick up and drop off keys.

A system with a future

The managed properties appreciate in value and are thus also more attractive to customers. In addition to being able to access the property more quickly, realtors also get an outstanding marketing argument. That is why we are all the more pleased about the fact that KIWI has also supplied a solution for apartment doors since November last year. In future we can well imagine equipping all of our properties with the entire solution. Besides KIWI Smart Entry, KIWI Smart Lock is also an attractive product for us – both professionally and privately.

About Hans Schütt Immobilien

Hans Schütt Immobilien was established in 1936 by Hans Schütt. Today Klaus H. Schütt, a lawyer who has always had an interest in property matters, manages the expanding business. The company also offers investment property all over Germany – together with its partners in the specialist DAVE Association. Besides providing real estate services, Hans Schütt Immobilien also undertakes building and property management.

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