How it works

KIWI improves your key management and is ready to use in your property in just three steps.

You choose your doors

KIWI is available for every door in an apartment building. If you would like to stop using conventional keys altogether, then have KIWI fitted to all the doors in your property. Alternatively, you can just have KIWI fitted to communal doors, such as front entrance doors and basement doors. KIWI meets the real estate industry’s every contractual wish. Simply choose the tariff that best suits you.


We install KIWI

KIWI Smart Entry is invisibly installed by our technicians behind the bell panel and supplied with power via the bell system. You can install the KIWI Smart Locks by yourself or have them fitted to apartment and basement doors by an installation service. Once they have been installed, the KIWI Portal, the KIWI apps, and the KIWI Transponders are available to you so that you can immediately go keyless.

You open doors with KIWI

You manage access rights to your KIWI doors online via the KIWI Portal. You set up users, grant access rights, and delete them as and when necessary. You can also use the portal to open a door directly with the click of a mouse. People who have been granted access rights by you can open doors with the KIWI Transponder or the KIWI App. Both the transponder and the app can open several doors equipped with KIWI. KIWI works alongside the conventional locking system, which means that your tenants can also use KIWI, although they don’t have to!


Security and privacy

Security and privacy are KIWI’s top priority. The encrypted communication between the KIWI Transponder and KIWI door sensor takes place on the basis of a process for which a patent is pending. KIWI has been developed under the premise that at no time is it possible to ascertain who has opened a certain door at a certain time. The aspects relevant to security and privacy are regularly published in accordance with the open source principle. They have already been tested many times by globally recognized encryption and security experts since the development phase and rated as very good. KIWI bears the quality mark “IT Security Made in Germany” and the TÜV quality seal for the KIWI door sensors.


Any questions?

If you would like to find out more about our prices and contract types, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us or take a look at our website under prices and contract types, KIWI products, or KIWI FAQs.

If you have any other questions, get in touch with us by e-mailing [email protected] or calling +49-30-609-838-333.

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