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About us

We are a team of more than 50 experts from all four corners of the world and together we are sparking a revolution by putting an end to the 4,000-year-old metal key. In the heart of Berlin on a site covering more than 800 m², we develop, design, test, market, and sell the KIWI digital locking system.


Our Vision

We are convinced that the future of the key is not a key at all. Digital access rights are gradually taking over from the traditional key, making it easier and more secure than ever before to gain access. The act of opening doors is becoming a seamless process – with nothing to think about, no worries, and no physical object. Instead, this is replaced by security, convenience, and enjoyment. This is what we believe in and work on every day at KIWI. In addition to doors, we also want to open people’s minds as well as their hearts!

How do you explain KIWI in one word?

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The KIWI Team

Karsten Nölling


Hannah Noethig

Manager Director & COO

Zaher Marzuq


Jonas Jürgens

Head of HR

Martin Breuer

 Product Manager

Tobias Flam

 Head of Business Development

Julia Rubin

Head of Marketing

Theresa Gessner

Entrepreneur in Residence

Birgit Thoms

Teamlead Technical Project Management

Thorsten Wagner

Business Intelligence Manager

Joakim Trockels

Working Student Quality Management

Luise Handt

Teamlead Finance

Kathleen Brandt

Operations Manager

Sven Rinka

Key Account Manager

Alexander Koch

Teamlead Infrastructure

Hakan Thorsten Groß

Operations Coordinator

Claudia Nagel


Peter Dietrich


Christian Bogatu


Hiltrud Sprungala

Senior Advisor

Gregor Nobis

Head of Product

Berthol Dongmo

Production Manager

Andre Hiller

Manager Infrastructure

Amangeldy Heberlein


Lucie Rambow

Office Management

Lena Beil

Technical Project Manager


Maximilian Bronkhorst

Working Student Operations Management


Rebecca Weidekamp

Art Director

Burcu Tezcan

Junior Operations Manager


Michal Janik

Backend Developer

Diego Castellaro

Junior Fullstack Developer


Nadim Dehaini

Account Manager

Vesselina Stambolova

Technical Project Manager

Patrick Martinkewitz

Account Manager

Marcel Wedekind

Working student Design

Sören Oldag

Fullstack Developer

Adrian Piontkowski

Key Account Manager

Carlos Lices

IT Administrator

Leon Knigge

Content Marketing Manager

Cedric Henzler

Working student HR

Andrea Mariel Rodriguez

Junior Fullstack Developer

Cynthia Namesny Amorelli

Junior Finance Manager

Kim Gosdschan

Process Solution Manager

Maurice Hentschel


David Christian Busse

Strategic Account Manager

Sebastian Michalke

Online Marketing Manger

Juliane Starck

Customer Service Manager

Dániel Molnár

Embedded Engineer

Nicole Krtschil-Gebert

Key Account Manager

Daniel Christen

Technical Project Manager


What we consider important

Experience and satisfaction

We pay particular attention to the user experience when developing our products. Our focus is on ensuring easy operation and a high level of convenience.

Security and protection

Security and privacy are the keystones of our products. The infrastructure has been designed in conjunction with white hat hackers and is regularly tested and enhanced.

Courage and passion

We make things shine. We are united by an innovative spirit and a love of technology. Time and again, we dare to challenge and change the status quo.

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