KIWI for housing cooperatives

Keyless entry to your property: Would you like to upgrade your property and benefit from it?

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KIWI – the keyless door entry system

With KIWI you never again have to worry about lost keys and changing the locks. KIWI opens your doors all by itself – with no push-buttons and no keys. KIWI is the keyless door entry system that simplifies key management for your property.


KIWI allows you to grant and revoke access rights to your doors with just one click, giving you complete control over your keys at all times and an overview of who has access to different properties. KIWI can be installed in all commonly used bell systems within a matter of minutes and can be removed again without trace, if required.

Property managers

who wish to grant limited access to companies commissioned to carry out work in the building


who wish to save themselves money and hassle when keys are lost

Property developers

who wish to realize innovative projects

Asset managers

who wish to increase the value of their property

Who will benefit
from KIWI?

Anyone who needs access to apartment buildings will benefit from KIWI. This may include professionals – such as garbage disposal services, delivery companies, emergency services, property managers, and property owners – or it may equally be the private individuals who live in the building.

Key management: the advantages of the KIWI Portal

Simply open it in your Internet browser, no software necessary

All user and access rights at a glance

No time-consuming key handovers and protocols

Open doors remotely with the click of a mouse

No more unknown key copies in circulation

Greater security for your properties

Do you know how many people have a key to your property? Have you had to change all the locks because a tenant has lost their key? KIWI solves the problem for you. With KIWI you can grant and revoke access rights at any time and keep a constant eye on everything via the KIWI Portal.

Innovative technology meets modern design

KIWI is innovative and gives your rental property the modern touch it needs to set it apart from other companies in the real estate industry.

Benefit from:

High rentability

Appreciation in value

Added efficiency and convenience

Satisfied users

Tenant retention with KIWI

If you install KIWI in your property, tenants can decide for themselves (depending on the contractual model) whether they wish to use the KIWI door entry system. This frequently involves no costs for your tenants and you can still use KIWI to the full extent.

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