Intelligently manage doors.

With KIWI.

Grant access rights online and spare yourself
annoying key handovers.

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KIWI solves key issues in the real estate industry

Keys are incredibly insecure, copiable, impractical, and inefficient. For property owners and managers, the task of managing keys also involves a great deal of time and effort. KIWI ist ready to use in three  simple steps:


You choose your door

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KIWI is available for front entrance doors, appartement doors and basement doors in apartment buildings.

We install KIWI

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Our Technicians install KIWI in the doors you have selectetd. You can install some of our Smart Locks yourself.

You manage and open doors

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You manage access rights online via the KIWI Portal. To open doors you use the KIWI Apps or the KIWI Transponder.

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KIWI facilitates your
access control

KIWI has the right solution for every scenario, whether you are a property manager, resident, or service provider. The electronic locking system features a digital management portal that allows you to manage access rights to every door in your property portfolio.


Greater security

KIWI gives you greater security. The encrypted communication between the KIWI Transponder and KIWI door sensor has been developed in conjunction with globally recognized security experts.


Upgrade your property

With the electronic locking system from KIWI, you can show that when it comes to your property, innovation begins at the front entrance door. The costs can be apportioned as running costs or modernization measures.


Cut costs

KIWI gives you greater flexibility when managing your property. Since a KIWI Transponder can open every door along a route or within a residential property, your employees save valuable time.




PM customer




Housing units

The electronic locking system from KIWI

KIWI can be used flexibly. The KIWI Portal, KIWI apps, and the KIWI Transponder provide comprehensive solutions for secure door opening and efficient key management.

How it works
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These real estate associations are already convinced

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Satisfied KIWI customers

“With KIWI I can conveniently enter my property without having to think about the key. Instead, I use the KIWI Ki or KIWI App. I am able to report on my day-to-day KIWI experience and I am delighted with it.”

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Klaus H. Schütt

Manager, Hans Schütt Immobilien

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“With KIWI we are well equipped for the megatrends of “digitalization” and “demographic change”. KIWI provides a real service and added value for our tenants! The system is reliable and secure.”

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degewo AG

Berlin’s biggest housing cooperative

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“Our customer service employees, technicians, and janitors, who regularly visit the properties, gain entry without having to carry lots of different keys around with them.”

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Claudia Hoyer

Board member, TAG Wohnen

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  • Wir haben für Sie gerechnet. Mit einem intelligenten Schließsystem können Sie bei einem Objekt mit 10 Wohneinheiten bereits mehr als € 19.000,00 sparen.