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SmartDOORS for new buildings and complete renovation

Nowadays smart building systems are a must for new building and modernization projects. The integration of lasting, low-maintenance solutions is also an important factor. Today KIWI is already the digital access solution for over 450 housing companies, such as degewo, Gesobau, and Deutsche Wohnen.


Together with a leading door manufacturer we are currently developing SmartDOORS. SmartDOORS combine premium door systems with smart KIWI technology.

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Technology and function of SmartDOORS

SmartDOORS is a premium main apartment door expanded by the smart access technology from KIWI. KIWI sensor technology is preinstalled in the door leaf (“KIWI Inside”) and controls the door’s motor lock. Since the door is electrified, these components require no batteries.


The Smart Door is automatically connected to the KIWI infrastructure as soon as it has been mounted and can be operated with all KIWI products, such as KIWI Portal, KIWI Apps, and KIWI Transponder right away. Users can be added and access authorizations can be issued.

Planning new buildings or renovation projects with SmartDOORS

Considering SmartDOORS criteria in invitations to tender

Installing a door and using it with KIWI applications

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The Smart Door consists of a door with motor lock and “KIWI Inside” as well as the frame with power connection.

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The 3-point lock offers utmost safety. “KIWI Inside” is invisible from the outside and safe from vandalism.

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The door automatically connects to the KIWI infrastructure. All KIWI applications can be used right away.

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The Smart Door is permanently electrified and requires no batteries. The need for costly maintenance work is eliminated.

Your advantages

One door, many functions! SmartDOORS give you everything you need for your digital access management.


How are SmartDOORS installed in your buildings?

The process of invitation to tender, purchase, delivery, and assembly works just like today—in other words, you and your staff need not watch for any changes.


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