The KIWI App

A smartphone app instead of a bunch of keys! Never handing over keys again.


Your smartphone turns into a door opener with the KIWI App

Doors can be conveniently and securely opened from your smartphone with the KIWI App. Property managers and owners set up the access rights on the KIWI Portal. Tradesmen and other service providers can now open the door to your property via the KIWI App. The days of time-consuming and insecure key handovers are a thing of the past.

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leicht einfach - The KIWI App


Instead of having countless keys, simply carry your access rights around with you on your smartphone.

flexibel - The KIWI App


Never need a locksmith again! If you lose your smartphone, then simply log in on a different end device.

effizient - The KIWI App


Save unnecessary journeys by remotely opening the door for tradesmen and delivery services.

sicher - The KIWI App


Immediately block any mislaid or lost KIWI Transponders and prevent unauthorized people from gaining entry.

The benefits for you

The KIWI app is the key to better property management and offers you many possibilities.


KIWI is also available for the Apple Watch.

Doors can be easily opened by the hand or wrist.

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Open doors from anywhere with the KIWI App

You can open doors fitted with KIWI from your smartphone or smartwatch using the free iOS and Android app. With just one tap on the mobile end device, you can unlock the door, even remotely, which is especially practical when the tradesman is standing outside the door of the property and neither you nor the janitor are there to open the door.


If you do not wish to give a KIWI Transponder to everyone who needs access to the property, then the KIWI App is a good alternative. You can open any door with the click of a mouse and revoke access rights again if necessary, saving you and your employees from having to make unnecessary journeys.

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What you have to do to use the KIWI App

The electronic locking system from KIWI can easily be installed in the doors in an apartment building and removed again without trace. If you are interested in KIWI, then get in touch with us.

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