KIWI for the real estate industry

Safe, efficient, and innovative. KIWI is the market leader in the field of digital locking systems and the real estate industry.

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KIWI—the key solution for the real estate industry

KIWI simplifies key management specifically for the real estate industry. Real estate companies benefit from the central management of their entire stock, which reduces costs while minimizing installation work. Long-term plannability combined with flexible responses boosts building safety and facilitates the collaboration with service providers.

The KIWI products


The keyless access solution for all electric doors. Suitable for front doors with all standard bell systems.

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Suitable for interior, non-electric doors and available in the versions KIWI Knob or Handle.

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The fully integrated digital access solution for apartment building doors. For new construction and renovation projects.

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The KIWI Safe

Reliable key storage and automated documentation without retrofitting the locking system.

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Central management of all access rights and doors at any time and from any place in real time.

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With its extensive product portfolio KIWI has a fitting solution for any kind of application.
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Thanks to KIWI, worries about lost keys are a thing of the past. Digital access rights are updated remotely in real time, and lost transponders can be blocked in real time.


With KIWI you show that in your properties, innovation already starts at the front door. Costs can be apportioned among the residents as a modernization surcharge or a service charge.


Key handovers, handover documentation, and copies plus the expensive replacement of master key systems when keys are lost are entirely eliminated. In this way KIWI will save you an average of €1,635 annually per apartment building.


Knowing who has access to which property at what time constitutes the core of the safety of a building and the people who live in it. With KIWI, landlords and building administrators always keep track of things and maintain genuine control over key privileges.

Advantages of digital key management

Digital key management shapes the future of the real estate industry. The safety risks that come with conventional metal keys can be eliminated with the keyless system. The focus is placed on data economy and data security so that privacy is always ensured.

The KIWI Portal

Das KIWI Portal als zentrale Verwaltungsplattform ermöglicht nicht nur die As central administration platform, the KIWI Portal enables not only the access management of residents and staff members. Rather, it assists in and facilitates the communication with service providers and shortens the distances they have to cover to perform their job. This way you can grant access rights to repair people, disposal contractors, or cleaning staff in real time rather than waste time handing over keys.


You can also integrate KIWI directly into your existing software via our API-Interface. Thanks to KIWI’s partnership with Aareon, for instance, this allows you to already use the system’s integration in Mareon nutzen.

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KIWI safety

The KIWI Portal allows you to manage the access rights to your properties. Rights can be limited to a specific period of time or established permanently, and be revoked anytime you wish. The KIWI Portal includes a list of users which shows you who has access to which doors. All the while the residents’ anonymity is preserved.


Via the KIWI Gateway the KIWI doors are permanently linked to the KIWI servers through the cellular phone network. This ensures that the information about current access rights is always available.


KIWI increases the safety of the building significantly. Loss of a key constitutes no risk, as a lost KIWI Transponder can simply be deactivated online. You establish hierarchical levels in the KIWI Portal and can block staff members and service providers in real time. TÜV-certified sensors and patented encryption technology make the KIWI infrastructure extra safe.

Case study: degewo

KIWI has already been successfully employed by Berlin’s biggest housing cooperative, degewo, since 2014. In an effort to make internal as well as external work procedures as efficient and innovative as possible, by now some 800 properties have been equipped with KIWI. In this way degewo can minimize the work it spends on key management.


Service providers and staff members appreciate the simple principle behind the system: a single KIWI Transponder opens several doors. Plus, thanks to KIWI the demographic change can be considered. Especially elderly tenants benefit from the extra comfort of keyless access.



Replacing the existing master key system is not necessary, as KIWI works on the basis of a supplementary principle. Existing buildings can therefore be retrofitted without any problem. Since both systems can be used simultaneously, no one has to do entirely without keys. KIWI has its own network.


The KIWI digital access solution is installed by us. Requirements vary and depend on the product and building. Maintenance of the system is already included in the monthly usage fee. There will be no unexpected expenses for you.


Like the digital access system itself, all prices and contract types are adjusted to the needs of real estate companies. You can choose among different price schedules as well as contract types. KIWI can moreover be apportioned among the residents as a modernization surcharge or a service charge.


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