Our vision

With KIWI we are revolutionizing key management!
Find out what we believe in and what we stand for here.

Safe, efficient and easy access

Digital access rights gradually displace the mechanical key. Access will be easier and safer than ever before. Opening doors will become a seamless process: without thinking, without worries, without physical objects, but with safety, comfort and fun. That’s what we at KIWI believe in and work to achieve day in and day out. Beyond opening doors, we want to open mindsets and hearts!

We are convinced that the future of a key isn’t a key


What’s important to us

Experience & Satisfaction

When developing our products, the user experience is particularly important to us. Easy handling and highest comfort are our goals.

Security & Protection

Security and data protection are the cornerstones of our products. The infrastructure was designed with white-hat hackers and is tested and developed on a regular basis.

Courage & Passion

We bring things to shine. We are united by the spirit of innovation and the joy of technology. We dare to question and change the status quo again and again.

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