The KIWI Portal

Every door at a glance! The KIWI Portal is the nerve center of your electronic locking system.

Simple and secure key management

You can use the KIWI Portal to manage access rights to front entrance doors, apartment doors, and basement doors that are fitted with the KIWI electronic locking system. All it takes is a click of the mouse. Time-consuming and insecure key handovers are a thing of the past – making life much easier for you, your service providers, and your tenants. The KIWI Portal is available to our customers free of charge.

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Open your doors with the click of a mouse

If the tradesman or realtor is standing outside the door, but doesn’t have the right key to hand, you can use our portal to simply open it from the comfort of your desk, with no inconvenient key organization, no unnecessary journeys, and no risk of you not getting the key back, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Reduce the security risk

Have you given external service providers the keys to your property, but not got them back? Or are you unsure whether illegal key copies have been made? With door entry control from KIWI you can grant and revoke access rights online at any time, increasing security in your properties.

Obtain real control over your keys

Many different people need access to your properties, including realtors, tradesmen, and tenants. Complex protocols were previously needed to keep track of everything. In the user overview section of the portal you can see exactly who has access rights to different electronic door locks, giving you full transparency and real control over your keys.


You can access the KIWI Portal via your Internet browser – with no expensive software


Realtors can conduct property viewings via the KIWI App


Time-consuming key handovers and protocols are no longer necessary


All users and access rights at a glance

The benefits for you

The functions and features of the KIWI Portal improve your key management

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